I-novion presented an abstract and poster on the use of PTSgel intracamerally.

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I-novion’s PTSgel and PTSsol compositions offer elegant, patent-protected nanotechnology solutions to a wide range of formulation challenges including:

sustained release of biologics delivered via injection
greatly extended residence time on the ocular surface for both small molecules and biologics
well-tolerated aqueous solutions of hydrophobic molecules

PTSgel formulations are aqueous liquids at room temperature and below, allowing for injection using a needle as small as 31-gauge. Gelling occurs immediately at body temperature, forming a hydrogel depot from which the active ingredient is released slowly as the polymer degrades. PTSgel formulations are well suited for ocular, subcutaneous, intramuscular or intra-articular injection. For topical ophthalmic drugs, PTSsol create topically applied eye drops with greatly extended residence time on the ocular surface.

PTSgel and PTSsol compositions are easy to manufacture as the polymers are synthesized sequentially from available GMP building blocks, all of which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS). The drug product is then produced by mixing the active ingredient with the polymer solution, followed by terminal filter sterilization in most cases. When appropriate, the drug-polymer solution can be lyophilized, enabling a dual-chamber syringe to be used as the drug product format. No organic solvents are used in the presence of drug nor is drug lost during the manufacturing process, a feature of particular advantage for biologics.

Each PTSsol and PTSgel composition is uniquely tailored to the molecule and target product profile, potentially generating extended exclusivity based on new intellectual property.

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